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Quickly change a Django user password

So you have this nice django site, you try to access the admin to change some minor thing and you completely forgot (and didnt save somewhere) the password of the only user in the system – so many dont’s in that sentence, but anyway… Since you are the developer, you can simply do this (assuming… Read More »

Recover/reset PostgreSQL password

Ran into some PostgreSQL problems again (what else is new?), this time regarding the password for the windows user postgres creates. I was replacing postgreSQL x64 for the x86 version to fix some weborb/php/lots of other stuff problems. I uninstalled my x64 version, it left the data folder and user, and when it was reinstalling,… Read More »

Recover WinSCP passwords

To recover passwords from winSCP, or any other program that provides an obscured input field (usually with asterisks “******” or small dots). Install this free program (Password Unmask 2.0 from AlpineSnow) – 179kb: Download from Alpine Snow Website – Link Local download (in case the other site is offline) – Link (v2.0) How to use:… Read More »