PHPMaker characters encoding problem

By | 4 November, 2010

Its the second time i run across this issue with PHPMaker. Its not exactly the problem’s fault, more a config issue. I havent completely assessed all details on this issue, since i dont have complete access to the server i mention. I just want to leave this so next time something like this happens, i, or anyone else that comes here, at least know what files to edit that might help solve the problem at hand.


– MySQL database

– Portuguese language

– in PHPMaker i made changes to Unicode Property Editor (so the menus were in portuguese, therefore having accented characters)


– The accented characters in menus and in MySQL records are messed up.

Generating the project locally, everything works as expected, both the menus and MySQL records have correct accented characters . When uploading to the server, all characters get messed up.

I solved both problems by editing the ewcfg7.php file. Inside this file you will find:

In line 47: define(“EW_ENCODING”, “UTF8”, TRUE); // Character encoding

(i changed to utf8)

In line 63: define(“EW_MYSQL_CHARSET”, “UTF8”, TRUE);

(again, i edited to utf8)

In PHPMaker, i went to HTML -> General, and changed the Charset to “iso-8859-1”.

This fixed everything for me.

This solution worked for me but can vary depending on your mileage, language and weather. The PHPMaker used was version 7.0.1.