Iterating through a Dictionary

By | 25 July, 2012

Keeping things simple for anybody who does a search about this subject:

If we have a dictionary like this:

var dictio:Dictionary = new Dictionary();



you can iterate like this:

Iterating through the keys:

for(var country:String in dictio){

trace(country); // this lists england, france


Iterating through the values:

for each(var capital:String in dictio){

trace(capital); // this lists london, paris


You can easily iterate through both keys and values, but its a hack since theres no native way to do it:

for(var country:String in dictio){

trace(country+” has the capital: “+dictio[country]);


The above code produces:

france has the capital: paris
england has the capital: london

Easy but also easily forgetable and confusing.


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