Air project doesn’t run. No error.

By | 8 May, 2009

Didn’t quite know what to use as a title, because the problem sounds a bit too generic. Anyway, on to the problem/solution.

The problem was that i was trying to convert an already built/in progress Flex project to Air and it was giving me some grief, since it simply didnt run. No error, nothing. The only message i got was if i tried to debug it, where i would get:

Process terminated without establishing connection to debugger.


C:\win2kapp\FlexBuilder3\sdks\3.3.0\bin\adl.exe D:\AppServ\www\workspace\tg_preimpressao_air_2009.05.08\bin-debug\main_preimpressao-app.xml D:\AppServ\www\workspace\tg_preimpressao_air_2009.05.08\bin-debug

Output from command:

invocation forwarded to primary instance

From some googling around, i found the error to be because the Air version on my Flex project was wrong to the one of the new Air project.

I had to go to the <project name>-app.mxml file in the src dir and change the second line from:

<application xmlns=”“>


<application xmlns=”“>

Notice the version diference.

Stir. Compile. Run. Smile.

NOTE: Alternatively, you can create a new Air project and open its <project name>-app.mxml to see the version number of your Air.

This solution was found somewhere on the net, cant really recall where, and was documented on a bug track in adobe.

EDIT: This problem happened again today and this time it was nothing of the above. It seems it can happen when, by some misfortune (i dont know why), adl.exe is still running when we try to run our Air project. I solved it by going to task manager and terminating the process. Everything compiled and ran normally from then on.