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Find Apache httpd.conf file location

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So i was in the middle of a serious error debug session where some of the errors seemed to be apache’s fault. Probably some configuration adjustments, but for that i needed to see the current configuration (and change it if need be). But where is the httpd.conf file? After some practice, we easily look for… Read More »

Basic Git and GitHub usage

Leaving this here for all the people that want to get up and running with Git and GitHub in around 56 seconds. This mini tutorial assumes you already have: – a linux machine with git OR a windows machine with git installed (see links); – a github account/repo for the remote commits (see bottom links… Read More »

Recover WinSCP passwords

To recover passwords from winSCP, or any other program that provides an obscured input field (usually with asterisks “******” or small dots). Install this free program (Password Unmask 2.0 from AlpineSnow) – 179kb: Download from Alpine Snow Website – Link Local download (in case the other site is offline) – Link (v2.0) How to use:… Read More »

First post / Primeiro post

This site will contain an archive of all the junk, problems, code snippets, tricks, hacks, solutions and garbage i want to keep to later use, reuse, alter, etc. Hopefully it will be of help to someone else. In portuguese: Este site conterá um arquivo de todas as tralhas, problemas, soluções e lixo que eu vou… Read More »